Current Projects

1) Embedded Systems and IoT Security

IoT devices have become more prevalent, but unfortunately, they frequently lack the necessary security mechanisms to safeguard themselves from malware attacks. This is often due to cost, size, or power constraints. To address this issue, our project aims to develop lightweight security techniques based on the hardware-software co-design principle. Our main objective is to minimize hardware costs while still providing provable-security guarantees, even for low-cost IoT devices. To date, we have successfully developed the following techniques:

2) Legacy Binary Security

Outdated libraries, misuse of cryptographic primitives, and algorithmic weaknesses are some of the exploitable vulnerabilities that may exist in legacy software. Fixing these vulnerabilities can be challenging and time-consuming, especially when the source code is not available. Therefore, in this project, we aim to propose frameworks that can identify and patch vulnerabilities in legacy binaries with minimal manual intervention required from developers. Our first work has successfully identified various outdated cryptographic hash functions present in legacy binaries and proposed a novel approach for patching them. We aim to expand on this first work for identifying and patching different types of vulnerabilities.

Past Projects